Kasol (elev. 5000 ft) is a quiet and peaceful village situated 05 kms short of Manikaran in the Parvati valley. It is surrounded by mountain ranges whose higher reaches are covered with dense growth of coniferous forest with trees like pine, blue pine, fir and deodar whose resins exude very pleasant aroma that lingers in the unpolluted cool mountain air. At the lower slopes one will find tress like poplars and silver oaks.
It is a picturesque village with traditional wooden houses having slanted roofs of black slates. The place is dotted with small orchards of apple, plum, peaches, pears, apricot and almonds. There is greenery everywhere with shrubs of briar roses, number of varieties of fern and patches of wild strawberry.

A mountain stream called Grahan Nallah divides the village in two parts namely, Old Kasol and New Kasol. Through this small stream ice-cold, crystal clear water cascades down and flows into the Parvati River. Comparatively, Parvati River is more torrent and noisily roaring because of its inherent relatively steep gradient and greater mass flow of water.
There is total electrification of Kasol village and it has 24 hrs of running water. Being isolated from major cities the people here are very simple, warm and friendly. Life otherwise being very hard and the shortspan of tourism being an easy money earner, the villagers are extremely helpful.
Since this village leads to many trekking routes, it attracts a host of young tourists both Indian and foreigners who transit through this place. Consequently, a number of eateries have mushroomed which serve Indian, Italian, Israeli and Tibetan fares.